Botanical: the power of plants to console, heal and renew.

An exibition in Hove this summer

Opening in May, in Hove and online,  an exhibition of new watercolours, oils and prints by artist Cecil Rice, celebrating the colours and forms of nature, often in the forms of flowers,  but also water, sea and landscape. Cecil's latest collection reveals a fascination with the power of plants to console, heal and renew. Sunlight is an important aspect of this, the translucent glow that shines through fragile petals, red, orange, yellow , white and violet and green foliage


There are originals and limited-editions in many sizes here ,  some really large paintings and smaller works. The inspiration that gave birth to year's show is the theme of nature and regeneration that has sustained us during the past year.

This year you can book a timed private viewing of the show (you and your friends) on Eventbrite here

All work for sale. If you are interested, don't hesitate to message me to check on availability, or phone on 07436004833, for details.

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