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Artists Support Pledge

May, Steyning

Sussex in May                  Oils on canvas on board.  42 x 30 cm         Unframed                           SOLD

Just to let you know I am now supporting the Artists Support Pledge* through Instagram #Cecil-Rice-Artist, Facebook  and website The Artist Support Pledge gives some financial stability to the creative sector in Brighton and across the UK in what is a very uncertain time.  We really missed the Artist Open Houses in May – we have opened our house every year for 20 years now and it felt very strange.  


Over the lockdown summer I have found myself, like many others, turning towards nature for inspiration: first flowers in the back garden, then the parks, the sea, and the woodland nearby. In the silence that was lockdown, I started to slow down, contemplate my surroundings, and take joy in producing spontaneous, smaller on-the-spot work.

The new style paintings are unframed sketches and impressions on a small scale rather than studio pieces that take days or weeks to complete.  I am 'releasing' the new originals via my Instagram page #Cecil-Rice-Artist. All works are priced at £200 plus postage and packing, with free personal delivery to those living in the Brighton area.


If you were thinking of buying an original artwork from me, (or adding to your collection) follow me on Instagram and / or Facebook to see these paintings as they appear and for a chance to bag one!

*The artists support pledge was devised by the artist Matthew Burrows. Check out #artistsupportpledge on Instagram. Artists put their work up for sale for anything up to the sum of £200 and when £1000 is reached the artist pledges to buy a piece of work from another artist for £200. It’s a winning formula as buyers get to purchase art for less, the artist benefits from selling their work and getting a wider audience and supporting other artists too.

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